Currently my studio has been dismantled and has been shipped down to Devon for relocation. Over the next few months I will be working at various studios in London recording new material for my forthcoming Album "Out Of Lockdown", and October 2022 will see the first single release from this Album 

First Cassette Recorder

A Tascam 424 Cassette Recorder

circular 1992

Analogue Studio 24 Track

My first studio set up was Analogue and was in use up to2017 until  I went over to Digital

Control Room

My last studio in use up to January 2022 before decommissioning

Door to Acoustic treated Drum room and vocal booth


Drum Room


( Window) View into control room


Decommissioning of Studio 


Looking  Forward to sharing with you the building of the new studio in Devon. and some great new tracks to come