Welcome to my website

I'm Jeff AKA Net Artist 51 (Netartist51)  a songwriter  from Watford, a town approx. 20 miles North of London, England

My music genre is wide, growing up listening to Dad playing his country, jazz and blues  records , then in my teens  ( Late 70s)  going on to  running  a mobile disco which opened up my eyes to a wider Genre ,  and in no time knowing what tracks to play,  to get an  empty dance floor full again

in the early 90s I placed an add in our local newspaper for interested parties who would like to be a member of a new group I was looking to put together.  cut a long story short the group "Xstatic"  was Formed,  after only a month together we were in the studio  recording an 8 track demo

Over the next 2 years saw us performing at various local Venus, then further afield to Camden, then into London performing on various stages including the "Rock Garden"  "Mean Fidler" "The Orange Club "  "Captain Cook"  "The Bottomline" until the group split up and we went our separate ways

25 years on I decided once again to put pen to paper and start writing some new material which helped me get through a difficult time, because none of us could have predicted what was about to happen across the world.  My new Album was going to be called "Out of Lockdown"   over the last year I have been busy working on new material and have now renamed the album "Inspiration which will be featuring both material written through Lockdown and my new material and the first single "Hello" will be out shortly