On Monday of this week ( 4th Nov ) I was a guest of Michelle Ward on her morning Show Eat My Brunch on pheonix 98FM , Just would like to say thanks for inviting me on to your show and for the continuous airplay you have given the track, gratefully appreciated. listen to the interview now

Thanks to Flavie and all the crew at Vibe 107.6  for the warm welcome recieved on my return visit to the station 13.10.2019


Latest News

       " WORDS"

The Charity single words is now  available to download 



     "Give To Me"

The single GiveTo Me, Vocals Erika Sandine  is now available to down load from itunes, Google and Amazon Music

   In the Studio

Time spent in the Studio Recording Give To Me 

Had a great time at Vibe Radio 107.6  last night                   ( 24.02.19 ) thanks for the warm welcome recieved from all the crew at the station, and a special thanks to Vibes Presenter pictured with me on the wall of fame.

2019 Release Dates

        Track Tittle                                                            Artist                                                     Release Date


Give to me                                                                           By  Netartist 51                                                     Released

Vocals                                                                        Erika Sandine


Charity single  "Words"                                       By Netartist 51                                              Released                      Vocals                                                                       Erika sandine


Falling                                                                                                                                                                             TBA

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